Chris Beraet

"Around the age of thirty, I became aware of an irrepressible need to express myself through drawing and painting. Then I saw through my drawings the serene and anxious phases. I have observed that I evolve from one to the other without being aware of it.
Over time, it has become my artistic approach, painting or drawing what I can't see, the sensations"

Christophe Beraet's creations are characterized by a distinctive combination of figurative imagery and unconscious surrealist abstraction. His enigmatic compositions use eccentric iconography of hybrid human characters (often androgynous), in dreamlike settings blocked by walls and doors that close, frame or open the composition.
Although each work is begun without any preconceived idea of the final result, there is a unique visual coherence that is recognizable throughout the work. Christophe's painting is part of a protean lineage of contemporary expressionism. An expressiveness of the powerful design, free from the heaviness of the material. Christophe's paintings often display strong but harmonious colour palettes, where subtle transparencies, an expressive content renewed by recurring organic and inorganic subjects, as well as references to the creative process of writing, are affirmed.
On canvases, naked faces and bodies, sometimes tormented, entangled by threads or letters that symbolically trace the oppositions of our lives.

"...threads hinder the bodies, they hold our secret desires, our frustrations, figures also our limited thoughts, our missed acts...".

JC Guerro

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