Chris BERAET (1968) lives and works in Vence, France
MDA n° BA44202




1984/86 Cursus Tapestry-Furniture-Couture, École des Métiers d'Arts de Nice | 1990 Apprenticeship in Celtic Calligraphy | 1994/95 Stays in Gabon (discovers African art) | 1998 Chris paints in Indian ink as a self-taught artist | 2003 Study of Chinese painting and calligraphy with Ling Hsu artist-calligrapher | 2004 Study at Atelier C. CAPE (contemporary expression) with Cate Cape | 2005 Auxiliary assistant at the contemporary art workshop of MAMAC in Nice | 2009/10 Study of Mural Fresco and Trompe-lʼœil with Christian Geai, Atelier-École ARTDEC in Nice | 2011/15 Study of Engraving, Contemporary Drawing, Ceramics and Art History at the Ecole Municipale d'Arts-Plastique / Villa Thiole in Nice | 2013/16 Several stays in Berlin | 2017 Creation of his painting workshop (Atelier Mars) in Vence


2015 THE COOPERATIVE - Cérès Franco Museum, Montolieu, France


2013 Keith Overton Collection, London, Great Britain
2015 MK Collection, Berlin, Germany


- 2020 Jean-Vincent Darasse Prize - Taylor Foundation, Paris
- 2020 ADAGP Award - Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l'Eau, Paris
- 2018 Nicolas Cizeron Prize (awarded to a French artist with expressionist tendencies), Salon AF, Grand Palais, Paris
- 2015 Bronze Medal, Salon des Artistes Français, Paris
- 2015 Aiap-Unesco-Monaco Jury Prize
- 2015 Prize of the Monegasque National Commission, Monaco

- Member of the Society of French Artists, Paris
- Member Taylor Foundation, Paris


2018 LA CRYPTE DES ANGE_DROGYNES | Off de la Biennale de St Paul-de-Vence
2017 LE LOFT | Galerie des Tribus Contemporaines, Paris
2016 BODY-BED-DOOR | Atelier Du-Fond-de-la-Cour at Sylvia Leone-Castaldi, Nice
2013 EX NIHILO | Gildo Pastor Center, Monaco
          HUMAN | Aiap-Unesco-Monaco Committee Gallery
2012 PAINTING | Centre d'Art-La Conciergerie-Gounod, Nice


2019 VISIONS | Meeting with Barna Gacsi, Hall of San Peïre, Les Issambres
2016 SURFACE DE CONTACT | Franco-Chinese Meeting, Galerie L'Issue, Paris
          VIVART "TERRA INCOGNITA " | Les Moulins Albigeois, Albi
2015 PRODUZENTENGALERIE [ M ] | Potsdam, Germany
         IL SEGNO | Palazzo Della Rachetta, Ferrara, Italy
         MONACO/JAPAN MEETING | Rainier III Auditorium, Monaco
2014 INVOLUTION | Parrocchia San Magno, Legnano, Italy
2013 DIALOG/EU | Kunstraum Engländerbau, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
         IL SEGNO | Palazzo Della Rachetta, Ferrara, Italy
         MONACO/JAPAN MEETING | Rainier III Auditorium, Monaco
2012 ART LA GAUDE | La Gaude (Alpes-maritimes)


2020 ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français / Salon du Dessin et Peinture à l'Eau, Grand Palais, Paris
2019 ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
          UP'CYCLING | BASE'ART, Saint Raphael
2018 BIENNALE 109, Paris
          ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
2017 SALON DE l'AEAF, galerie de Nesle, Paris
         ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
2016 ARTCITÉ | Fontenay-sous-bois
2015 ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
         OASIS | Osaka, Japan
         ART CAPITAL | Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
         PAIA-MILAN EXHIBITION | Galleria d'Arte V. Guidi, Milan, Italy
2013 ART BRANDENBURG | Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam, Germany
         OASIS | Osaka, Japan
         FRANCHEMENT ART | Villefranche-sur-Mer
2007 ESPACE ART | Nice-Acropolis, Nice


Au Verso Blanc du Vide (Poetry) 2012
Poèmes sans Chemin (Poetry) 2011
Propos Émanés d'un chemin encré (Poetry) 2010


Cercles Poétiques, (Calligraphy) selected for the Festival dʼArt Sacré de Senlis 2019

Nu.e Jaune Couché.e, Painting selected by the jury of the Salon des Artistes Français - Exhibition Feb. 2019

Untitled (2016), Painting selected for the Nicolas Cizeron Prize 2018

On the other side of the window, Painting selected for a Bronze Medal 2014 at the Salon des Artistes Français

La Mort aux Rats, Painting selected by the jury of the Salon des Artistes Français - Exhibition Feb. 2014

The Grandfather's Kiss, Painting - bought by a London collector

By revisiting the codes of conventional painting, Christophe has developed in him the desire to imitate the duplication of organic and psychological life*.

* "The twin brother", "soul mates", "the substitute", "the alchemical wedding", all evocative titles for canvases offering to see "Angel-Drogynes" in pairs. Alter ego? Partners? Clones? The theme of the double, in the sense of a twinning, returns as a leitmotiv in this series, questioning, among other things, the limit of the body envelope as well as that of individuality. Who are these polymorphic characters? Are they connected? Interdependent? Autonomous? Partial? Are they all these at the same time?

For more complexity, these fragmented, whole, sometimes fused or multiplied bodies that juxtapose, overlap, mask, blend, play with each other in a sometimes noisy confusion; they are joined by quasi-organic elements, similar to uterus, placentas, umbilical cords. "It's a birth that's constantly renewed," says Chris Beraet about his creative process. Thus, the atypical plasticity of her works is an act of birth of the pictorial process itself, like a gush of life, never frozen, unceasingly becoming. »

Prune Kantor, Professor of Plastic Art and Art Critic in Paris

Golden Message from Annick Couëdel
June 2014, France

Your work is remarkable, sensitive and moving, it gives free rein to the imagination and questions is very original and authentic: Congratulations! 

Golden Message from Erika Daviert
Sept. 2013, Nice

The red thread of his artistic itinerary is the question of Transfiguration in painting, that's his goal! Intuitive expression is the action that induces the experience that flows from energy. On our planet as in the universe everything is energy. Everything that lives has its own energy, perhaps even that which no longer lives? Energy induces a vibration, translating this vibration interests Chris. Here is his language. He often uses his life experiences as matter to try to create expression and emotions in his paintings. A relationship to oneself but also to others. He also explores the gap between the surface and the reverse side of a reality. It is a game of mirror, an exploration of various states of ambiguity. These images can be very direct and disturbing at times, but they can also be seen as the "show" of a society of spectacle in constant confusion in search of a hypothetical balance.