Born in Nice in 1968 (France)
Lives and works in Vence (Alpes-maritimes)
MDA: BA44202

ÉMAP-Villa Thiole, (free auditor: Engraving, Ceramics, Contemporary drawing, Art history) Nice.
ARTDEC School Workshop - Christian Geai. Mural and Mural Fresco, Nice.

Chris Beraet's creations impose an inner journey. Whether in pictorial, plastic or written works. (cf. Poetic Circles)

The paintings are characterized by a distinctive combination of figurative imagery and unconscious surrealist abstraction. His enigmatic paintings use eccentric iconography of hybrid human characters (often androgynous), in dreamlike settings blocked by walls and doors that close, frame or open the composition.

Although each work is begun without any preconceived idea of the final result, there is a unique visual coherence that is recognizable throughout the work. Chris's creation is part of a protean lineage of contemporary expressionism. The expressiveness of her characters is powerful and free from the heaviness of matter with references to the creative process of writing.

Chris paintings often display strong but harmonious colour palettes. Sleepwalking characters where subtle transparencies are affirmed, a living content renewed by recurring subjects. Pregnant faces. These paintings trigger a deep and organic emotion.

Chris's creations seek to understand who the human being is. By overturning naked faces and bodies, often entangled by threads or words.

What is the true identity of our life?

Chris Beraet regularly presents his work through solo exhibitions, groups or in salons in France and abroad.

Present in public (Cérès Franco Collection) and private collections (France, Great Britain, Germany), Chris Beraet has won several prizes, including the Nicolas Cizeron Prize awarded to an expressionist artist at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris.


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