Christophe BERAET
MDA n° BA44202

Christophe Beraet, Painter and Poetry Author, was born in Nice in 1968. Self-taught, he has been drawing since childhood and painting since the age of thirty.

From 1985 to 1988, he followed the Tapestry, Furniture and Sewing curriculum at the École des Métiers d'Arts in Nice.

In 2004, after his first years as a solo artist at premières, he obtained a certificate in plastic arts at the Atelier C. Cape in Nice. That same year, he had the chance to meet Mrs. Ling Hsu, a Chinese calligrapher living in Nice with whom he perfected his knowledge of Chinese ink art for a whole year. It is from this period that he kept the fluidity of the material on the canvas as well as an exceptional calligraphic dexterity ("Poetic Circles").

In 2005, from his brief stint at the Atelier d'art contemporain du MAMAC, as an Auxiliary Assistant, he mainly retained only Yves Klein's "anthropometries", which gave him the idea of an introspective pictorial work face-to-face with his own body. (see "Body-Bed-Door" catalogue). This will lead ten years later to a process of hybridization of his imprint towards a body utopia (cf. "Ange_Drogynes").
It is while leaving this workshop that Christophe moves towards an instinctive, impulsive and expressive painting, without model or visual.

In 2009, he met the painter and illuminator Christian Geai who had been to lʼatelier de Dali in the 1970s. Trained at the Hamburg School of Fine Arts and founder of à ARTDEC in Nice. He will introduce Christophe to the ancient pictorial techniques that allow him to create mural frescoes and trompe-lʼœil He paints at a rate of 8 hours/day for one year, acquiring dexterity, perseverance, patience and mastery. From this traditional learning, Christophe will then transform this knowledge for lʼutiliser according to his needs in his creations.

From 2011 to 2015, he sʼinscrit as a free quʼauditeur at quʼauditeur/Villa Thiole in Nice, where he studies engraving, ceramics, contemporary drawing and lʼhistoire art.

From 2017, he left Nice to create the "Atelier Mars" in Vence.

In 2018, he created an "intuitive" drawing and painting workshop, open to beginners, experienced art lovers, art students and professional artists. In an undifferentiated way, this workshop is a place of free creation, exchange and knowledge that privileges the progress of the creative process.

By revisiting the codes of conventional painting, Christophe has developed in him the desire to imitate the duplication of organic and psychological life*.

* "The twin brother", "soul mates", "the substitute", "the alchemical wedding", all evocative titles for canvases offering to see "Angel-Drogynes" in pairs. Alter ego? Partners? Clones? The theme of the double, in the sense of a twinning, returns as a leitmotiv in this series, questioning, among other things, the limit of the body envelope as well as that of individuality. Who are these polymorphic characters? Are they connected? Interdependent? Autonomous? Partial? Are they all these at the same time?

For more complexity, these fragmented, whole, sometimes fused or multiplied bodies that juxtapose, overlap, mask, blend, play with each other in a sometimes noisy confusion; they are joined by quasi-organic elements, similar to uterus, placentas, umbilical cords. "It's a birth that's constantly renewed," says Chris Beraet about his creative process. Thus, the atypical plasticity of her works is an act of birth of the pictorial process itself, like a gush of life, never frozen, unceasingly becoming. »

Prune Kantor, Professor of Plastic Art and Art Critic in Paris

He is noted for his unique paintings and appreciated by the famous Parisian gallery owner Mrs. Cérès Franco ("l'oeil de boeuf" formerly located in the Marais district of Paris), it constitutes at the end of his career the most important collection of Brut and singular Art in Europe. She selects five large drawings from the "Corps-Lit-Porte" series that are now part of her exceptional collection kept at the "Coopérative Musée-Cérès-Franco" in Montolieu (southwest France).

Christophe Beraet has regularly participated in exhibitions in France and abroad for the past ten years: Paris, Berlin, Potsdam, Osaka, Milan, Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco.

Winner of several awards and present in private and public collections: United Kingdom, Germany, France.

2018 Nicolas Cizeron Prize (awarded by SAF Paris to a living French expressionist painter)
2015 Bronze medal of the Société des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris
2015 Aiap-Unesco-Monaco Jury Prize
2015 Prize of the Monegasque National Commission, Monaco

Member CNFAP (Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques), Paris
Member of the Société des Artistes Français, Paris
Member of the Taylor Foundation, Paris