Christophe Beraet.
Painter, engraver, sculptor, poetry author, born in Nice (France) in 1968. Self-taught, he initially worked only with black and coloured ink (Chinese style) and charcoal. He immediately moves towards an instinctive, impulsive and expressive painting without model, nor visual.
More or less consciously influenced by 20th century painting (expressionism, fauvism) Francis Bacon, Gustav Adolf Mossa, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Marc Chagall, Oskar Kokoschka, Amedeo Modigliani, Hundertwasser or further afield like Michelangelo, Fra Angelico.
From his brief visit to MAMAC's contemporary art studio, he will retain only Yves Klein's anthropometries, which will give the nascent idea of his first series of drawings "Corps-Lit-Porte" with his own body prints.

Known for an unclassifiable, lively, complex and tumultuous painting, the most significant of his work is this libidinal propensity of the masculine/feminine, which is found even in his colours. His paintings weave a direct communion with the spirit.

Today, he has set up his workshop in Vence and participates every year in exhibitions in Paris and regularly participates in group exhibitions in France and abroad. He has won several awards and is present in private collections in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, among which five drawings recently joined the Cérès Franco Collection in Montolieu (Aude).

- Member of the Société des Artistes Français, Paris / Bronze medal 2015 (painting section)

- 2018 Nicolas Cizeron Prize (awarded to a French expressionist artist)
- 2015 Aiap-Unesco-Monaco Jury Prize
- 2015 Painting Prize of the Monegasque National Commission, Monaco

- Municipal School of Plastic Arts-Villa Thiole, Nice. (Free Auditor: Engraving, Ceramics, Contemporary Drawing, Art History).
- Artdec School - Christian Geai, Nice. Mural fresco and Trompe-l'œil.
- Assistant at the MAMAC art workshop in Nice.
- Atelier E.C.A.P., Nice / Diplôme C.A.A.P. (Class d'approfondissement en arts plastiques)
- École des Métiers d'Arts - Complete curriculum (3 years), Tapestry, Furnishings, Fashion


I consider myself a "blind" artist (figuratively speaking). At the age of 30, I decide one day to paint what I cannot see with my eyes. I paint my first painting like a child's play, to formulate what words cannot say, to bring out what until then had no form.
Self-taught, I start a creative experience without pretensions or prejudices, without knowledge or artistic training. I invent my practice step by step and alone for six years. Forgetting the renunciations and the daily difficulties, I dedicate myself to Drawing and Painting since 2004.

From the beginning, I chose the free drawing and the body print as the formulation of my base of expression, the only one, in my opinion, capable of allowing the manifestation of the "non-mental" space. Every creation or recreation is a letting go of the present moment. All my activity comes from this creative experience, through a multidimensional paranoid subliminality!

At 41 years old, I meet Christian Geai (Christian Geai workshop, rue des Ponchettes in Nice) with whom I will learn more technique and discover the mural fresco and the art of the trompe l'oeil.
In 2010, I discovered printmaking with the artist collective ArtNice. The following year, I perfected my knowledge by following the courses of the workshops of Engraving, Ceramics, Contemporary Drawing and History of Art at the Municipal School of Plastic Arts-Villa Thiole of Nice, during four years.

However, after all these discoveries, I do not lose my first will: free drawing, because painting and drawing is above all for me, an impulsive and intimate moment of the present that does not communicate with the world of everyday life, it is a primitive and primordial expression.

Today, I present a figurative painting that is strong, lively, uncomplicated and poetic. I continue this quest for body to body, even beyond, with my body and the bodies of my intimate friends. Over time, my work has become an evolutionary quest towards another human being's reason.

Chris BERAET          

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